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Integrative Trauma Treatment Academy (ITTA) is an arm of Integrative Trauma Treatment Center (ITTC) intended to expand access to professional development courses for mental health providers on a global scale as a means to building capacity for care worldwide. Additionally, ITTA believes that every cultural viewpoint has its’ own unique contribution to proposed solutions for the prevention and treatment of trauma as well as other mental health conditions. We aim to capture the voices of mental health practitioners from all corners of the planet while providing a platform for diverse perspectives in the field. ITTA provides income-earning opportunities for providers in developing areas through our continuing education platform utilizing technology as a tool to connect us in our shared passion for helping others.


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"Incredible training. Dense but great material and well-presented. Only complaint is that I wished it could have been longer, I wanted more. Well worth your time and energy."

"5 stars! The trainers did a great job explaining DID, eating disorders, and the best practice of treating these co-occuring. "

"Great hosts and compassionate clinicians!"

"Athena is the best presenter I have seen for a course like this. She was incredibly knowledgeable and very experienced with the topic."

"Thank you! This will definitely be useful for me in working with my dissociative clients!"